FreeKickPro® at UD Almería

UD Almería, is a professional football club based in Almería, Spain. Founded in 1989, the club has a relatively short history compared to other clubs in Spain, but it has quickly established itself as a competitive force in the Spanish football scene. UD Almeria has played several seasons in La Liga, the highest professional football division in Spain, and has won the Segunda División once.

FreeKickPro is grateful to UD Almería for the trust they have placed in our product and company in general. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable and competitive football club.

Ricardo Molina Goalkeeping Coach
UD Almería

"We believe that the FreeKickPro is a tool that will help us a lot since it resembles the reality of the competition. We appreciate the support from FreeKickPro during and after the demonstration and we are going to use it a lot, for sure."

UD Almería

Founding date: 1989
Location: Almería, Spain
Stadium: Power Horse stadium
Capacity: 15.274
Training Ground: Anexo training ground