FreeKickPro® at KNVB

The KNVB manages both professional and amateur leagues, including the Eredivisie, and the national team. KNVB has contributed to the success of Dutch football, including the national team winning the 1988 UEFA Euro and reaching World Cup finals in 1974 and 1978, and clubs such as Ajax and PSV winning European titles.

With a commitment to innovation and development in the football world, the KNVB continually seeks new ways to improve the sport and its players.

FreeKickPro was honored to partner with the KNVB and bring their automatic free kick wall to the World Cup in Qatar. This was a major accomplishment and a fantastic opportunity to showcase the product and its capabilities to a worldwide audience. Our collaboration with the KNVB has allowed us to expand our reach and demonstrate the effectiveness of our automatic free kick wall to football fans everywhere.

We were thrilled to see the national team utilize FreeKickPro during the tournament and believe that our partnership with the KNVB is proof of the quality and reliability of our product.

Founding Date: December 8, 1889
Location: Zeist, The Netherlands
Stadium: Johan Cruijff Arena
Capacity: 55.865
Training Ground: KNVB Campus