Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the FreeKickPro®.


Is the FreeKickPro® shock proof?

Of course! The FreeKickPro® is designed and tested to absorb shots from professional players.

Is the FreeKickPro® easy to move?

Yes, 4 large castor wheels enable you to move around the FreeKickPro® easily on and off the pitch. During a free-kick training you can easily switch to the next free-kick spot. The transport-mode on the FreeKickPro® makes it suitable for any training ground.

Do I need to store the FreeKickPro® indoors after use?

Yes, we recommend to store the FreeKickPro® indoors after use. In addition, the FreeKickPro® is delivered with a cover which makes it possible to keep the FreeKickPro® protected while near the pitch.

Can I use the FreeKickPro® in the rain?

Certainly, the FreeKickPro® is completely weather proof. We recommend to keep the FreeKickPro® clean and dry after use using a towel.

How it works

How do I configure the number of players?

The FreeKickPro® consists of 6 players. 4 players are always located on the front side of the equipment. With the 2 players on the back side you can easily create a 5 or 6 player wall line up.

How do I configure the height of the players?

To configure the height of the players you need to be in the CONTROL PANEL of the FreeKickPro® App.

How do the players actually jump?

To let the players jump you need to be in the CONTROL PANEL of the FreeKickPro® App. In the CONTROL PANEL you can configure a high jump (40cm) or a low jump (15cm) for each individual player. In order to let one or more players jump you need to press the JUMP button in the CONTROL PANEL. As soon as you tap the JUMP button, the players will jump instantly. That is, within milliseconds.

Do I need to charge the FreeKickPro®?

Yes, the FreeKickPro® has a portable battery. With the included charger, the battery is fully charged within 3-4 hours if connected to a normal socket (220V).

When fully charged, how many times can the FreeKickPro® jump?

With a fully charged battery the FreeKickPro® can reach up to approximately 4000 jumps. More than enough for several free-kick trainings!

Data & Analysis

How do I register a shot in the FreeKickPro® app?

Easily register a shot within 3 seconds in the FreeKickPro® App. Players never have to wait to take their next shot. Please check the following video to find out all there is to know about FreeKickPro® Data & Analysis.

How can I analyze my registered shots?

All registered shots are immediately visible in FreeKickPro® Analysis once your iPad has made a WiFi-connection.

As a staff member, what insights does FreeKickPro® Analysis offer me?

FreeKickPro® Data & Analysis gives valuable insights to both players and staff. FreeKickPro® Data & Analysis provides answers to 3 crucial questions during a match:

1. Which player is significantly the best free kick player from a specific zone outside the box and is therefore most likely to score a goal?

2. From which specific zone outside the box should your team be opting for a direct free-kick? And from which zones should you not.

3. Which defensive wall line-up is most successful from a specific zone outside the box?

Order proces

How can I order a FreeKickPro®

We would be delighted to get in touch with you. Please contact our sales manager Machiel Debets.

+316 43 50 55 28

What is the expected delivery time?

The expected delivery time is 3-4 weeks.