In the constantly evolving world of football, training methods have advanced significantly in recent years, but one important aspect of the game has remained unchanged: the use of yellow mannequins as a means of simulating free kicks.


However, these mannequins fail to replicate the real-life resistance and challenges players face during a game, such as the height and ability of opposing players, the number of players on the field, and the visibility on the field.

Recognizing this gap in the market, FreeKickPro® was born to revolutionize the way free kicks are trained. We have developed an innovative automatic free kick system, which uses cutting-edge technology to simulate the realistic resistance and challenges players face during a game. This new system provides players with a more accurate and effective way to train for free kicks, allowing them to improve their skills and performance on the field.

FreeKickPro® is determined to bridge the gap between training and reality and to take the free kick training to the next level. With the FreeKickPro®, players and teams can now train in a way that better replicates the challenges they face in the game, allowing them to take their free kick skills to new heights.

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